name: hot shot

series: transformers armada (Hasbro 2004)

notes: urghhh…hot shot, huh? back before bumblebee was hasbro’s favorite money-maker, this guy used to be the yellow kid appeal character. his toys sadly did not reflect that, since both his armada toy and his energon toy are not exactly…good. as you can see there aren’t too many poses being displayed, but it’s kind of hard to get a lot of range out of his limited articulation. his arms can only go forward, and his legs have no forward hip movement. the knees are on odd ratchet-esque joints that only allow them to move stiffly back a smidge. i will mention however that the toy does have to incorporate being both the top half or bottom half of a larger robot, so i’ll cut it some slack. i do like his head design, and his chest is nicely molded and detailed. the alt-mode is…decent, if a little dull. not my favorite figure, and a good example of the issues the energon line faced. 

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